The Jazz Gospel

In 2014, I founded the Jazz Gospel. A twitter account initially set up with the intentions to act as a place for jazz musicians to connect and celebrate the rich history and bright future of all things jazz. The account tweets daily with content that is of interest to a variety of audiences which includes: interesting quotes, facts and famous birthdays as well as selecting a musician of the day, book of the month, album of the year and tweeting information of interest. So far in it’s two year life span the account has become a hotspot of online activity and has accumulated a following that has recently surpassed 5,000: a figure that continues to grow daily.

With the twitter page firmly established, the year 2016 saw the development of the Jazz Gospel’s identity as I decided to bring it to the blogging platform. The blog features the writings of myself and a host of guest interviews. Highlights so far include: an interview with saxophone legend Stan Sulzmann and a write up of masterclass given by American saxophonist Patrick Cornelious.

Both platforms can be accessed via the following links: